How We Use Marie Kondo's Method at HQ and Home

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Our COO Jenni knows a thing or two about operations. She was the first one to bring The Magic of Tidying Up to our lives with the book and practices back in 2012 and has even applied Marie Kondo's KonMari method all over the warehouse. If there was an "expert level" in the video game of Tidying Up, she'd be expert level and today, she's sharing how we repurpose our keepsake BOXFOX boxes to maximize organization around your home or workplace //

B Y  J E N N I  O L I V E R O

We’ve built our systems and designed our space so that everything, from product to komono has a home. Keeping a tidy workplace has always been a priority for me as our COO, but it was especially prevalent this fall as we moved warehouses. I wanted to make sure that even though we were in a new and bigger space, that everyone would still be able to find what they were looking for, whether that was inventory, hand towels, or band aids. And equally important, as we make a mess throughout the day packing boxes, we can quickly and easily get our stations back to neutral knowing everything has a home. 

One of the ways I like to think we make Marie Kondo proud is to upcycle any used or slightly worn BOXFOXes as storage vessels. We use box tops and bottoms for absolutely everything, for inventory, organizing shelves and drawers and of course, storing warehouse komono. 

I also use our boxes to keep my apartment tidy. In fact, the other day my mom requested I ship her a few box tops to help her spark joy. That got me thinking, I should share a few of the ways I use our boxes on our FOXTALE. 


There are endless possibilities, but here are a few of the ways I like to use BOXFOXes to keep tidy. 

I. Tupperware Lid Storage // I have such a mental block when it comes to keeping tupperware tidy. In my space, it makes sense for me to store lids and bases separately.  

II. Tea Storage //  We drink a lot of tea. I like to keep a variety of tea in a jar next to my Smeg, then store the tea boxes in a box top in our pantry. 

III. Letterboard Storage // I got an adorable letter board from my best friends Monica & Ross for Christmas. I brought a mini BOXFOX home from work to store all of the letters in my crafts drawer.

IV. Dresser Drawer Organization // BOXFOXes are perfect for deeper drawers. I use a regular box for my socks, and one of our big boxes to separate my sweatshirts and scarves. 

V. Pantry Organization, Vinegars & Oils // I keep vinegars and oils in a box top in my pantry. The box is shallow enough to keep all of the labels exposed, and helps me control any stickiness that often accompanies these products over time. 

PS, we even use them to prep and organize merchandise for our photoshoots and infamous "pile" instagrams.


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