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Ask The Expert: How to Turn Everyday Business Challenges into Results with Gifting

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We recently received an interesting email from a client, asking us for help thinking through a business problem that required direct outreach to her clients. She needed her gifts to check three important boxes (pun intended):

1) be memorable
2) educate
3) provide a clear CTA (call to action)

Which got us thinking about the most effective gifting suites we've executed for our clients, running the gamut of today's toughest business challenges. 

Curious? Read on. 

The challenge: I need to create buzz for my new business, product or service launching for the first time in 2019. 

If you’re getting ready to launch something exciting this year, you might be looking for a cost-effective way to make a splash without draining your cash. BOXFOX is a great option to consider for a few reasons. First, and probably most important: low cost per acquisition. This means you’ll typically spend less money to acquire a new client, receive a new sign up or score a new sale versus some of the other marketing tools out there. Second, in the age of digital, stakeholders love to receive a physical or tangible good. If your outreach is well-executed (that’s where we come in, with our packed-to-perfection philosophy) with a message to match, you’ll move the needle that much more. Plus, there’s no weeding through pages of data to try to figure out if your campaign worked. Each box you send is a trackable, live metric and you’ll know if it’s successful almost immediately.

The challenge: I have a “slow” season coming up and need to stay visible with my clients. 

 We hear you! Whatever industry you’re in, there will always be what feels like a “slow” time for client relations. Take advantage of this time and get out ahead of it with a retention gifting suite that helps them keep you top of mind once the off-period cycles through. Not to mention, having some down time will give you more time to really nail the details of the gifting suite. Whether you’re looking to build something around a specific theme, color palette or internal company messaging, our Concierge team can work with you to create something that’s hyper-tailored to you and your specific needs.

The challenge: I need to attract new talent and decrease employee churn.

Gone are the days of branded company swag. If you want to impress a new hire or simply surprise and delight a colleague celebrating a work milestone, you’ve got to give them something they’ll actual enjoy using and be proud to show off (which in the age of social media, echoes far beyond the cubicle). BOXFOX can work with you to put together a series of custom built gifting suites with those parameters in mind. You’ll also have the opportunity to fold in the spirit of your company through branding, messaging and the selection of products you choose to give.

The challenge: I need to do some damage control

We’ve all been there. Whether you’re thanking a team of vendors for a successful, albeit it stressful, conference weekend, or you just need to send a thoughtful gift to a disgruntled customer—we’ve got you covered. BOXFOX can work directly with your customer service team to create a suite of customer relations gifts that are ready to go when you need them most. We can ship them out on a rolling basis or send them all in one wave to arrive exactly when you need them to, topped off with a handwritten note (it works every time!).

The challenge: I need a buzz-worthy holiday gift that my clients will actually remember

No time is ever too soon to get in touch to start talking about holiday gifting! It’s one of our favorite topics here at BOXFOX for such a good reason: it’s getting exponentially more important to gift well. Whether you’re looking for 25,000 or 250, our team of professionals works with you to put together a turnkey solution for you. This means we take all the stress and pressure of planning off of your plate to deliver a memorable gifting experience to your clients, colleagues or constituents — all you have to do is sit back, relax, and get all the credit.


Got a challenge of your own you’d like help with? We’d love to hear from you. Shoot an email to to speak with your Concierge Representative today.

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