Word to my Mother // Alli Webb

Posted by Chelsea Moore on

We are so lucky that we have gotten to witness so much love between mothers, children, aunts, grandmas, mother figures and more these past few weeks. We're particularly grateful for all the great friends and partners who have shared what they love the most about their moms.

Last, but certainly not least, this #wordtomymother comes from Drybar's Alli Webb. Alli, thank you so much for sharing, and Happy Mother's Day to you too :).

"My mom and I were always tight and definitely understood each other. As a little girl, she appeased my girly side by blowing out my curly hair, always planning shopping dates for us, (and found the best deals!), but mostly importantly, she allowed me to pursue all of my dreams, big and small. She even supported my (short lived) desire to be a professional tennis player. My mothers unwavering and endless support on every level made me the woman I am today... Sadly, I lost my sweet mom a year ago, but her voice and spirit are still very much in my head not only when I'm struggling with an important decision, but also when I'm just day dreaming. I miss her deeply, and that won't ever fade, but I will always have the most wonderful memories of her and our time together."

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