FYI // The Only Bachelorette Party Planning Guide You'll Ever Need

Posted by Chelsea Moore on

Calling all bridesmaids, now is your time to show the bride just how important she is, and of course how insanely fun & organized you are. Bachelorette parties are major key as they have traditionally been one last big hurrah, where those single days are left back in her distant years. These weekend long celebrations are known for including some of the brides closest life long friends and family members, the kind who know everything from her first kiss, to the epic (fail of a) college keg stand.

This special getaway is an event to celebrate the bride’s life long friendships that have remained just as strong as her favorite drink ;) It is a time to cherish and reflect on all of the many memories that have been created over the years.. because soon enough, your fun and flirty friend will be happily married, with actual responsibilities.

What are you waiting for? Step up to the role, grab a mixy and follow our 5 step foolproof guide to elevate an upcoming bachelorette party. We know you want to show the bride just how the perfect partayy is planned, luckily, we know just how.

1. Plan ahead, you don’t need a full-scale bridezilla on your hands, everyone needs to be taken care of. The first step to planning the best bachelorette party is certainly getting a grasp of how the bride foresees her weekend playing out. Once you have her scattered ideas, start to do some research. Go ahead, bring out your inner stalking skills and see what bloggers are up to in your destination cities for some inspiration. Once you’ve decided on a location, you can scope out the best coffee shops, restaurants and night scene to give everyone something to look forward too.

2. Forget the E-vite, we’re not opening it and the other bridesmaids will likely scroll right on to the next email that says S A L E. Yes, we are in the 21st century, but there is nothing like getting a handwritten letter in the mail. Take the extra time and customize personal invitations, it will leave a lasting impression.

3. The Itinerary: 3 months out, 5 months out, honestly it’s never too early to get organized and plan the perfect itinerary. As the bride is supposed to stay uninformed about her bachelorette party, it’s likely her inner bridezilla will come out. Having a tentative itinerary planned will ease her stress and steer you away from her control. Once you choose a location, this itinerary will allow you to plan around events such as massages, concerts or cocktail hours. In addition, this itinerary will allow you ladies to have some flexibility and jump on those spontaneous events!

4. THEME, theme, theme: Whether you’re going for a relaxing getaway, or you girls are pretending you’re in college.. again, theme is everything. A great theme sets the foundation for a kickass weekend, as it encompasses everything from color scheme, welcome gifts, to location. So, if your girlsquad is jet setting off to Cabo to hit the Roe, you better include that hangover kit and Bkr bottle. Or if you are following the coast to Santa Barbra for a nice weekend filled with wine and sunset views, make sure to incorporate fun games- Ridley's Movie Buff // Theory 11 Black Playing Cards 

5. Games, Surprises & Sentiment: To ensure every moment is full of laughter, brainstorm creative games and activities that are fun and meaningful. Try to think of games that incorporate all bridesmaids and of course leave the bride blushing. Our PROTIP, create a slideshow of the brides most embarrassing photos. We’re talking pre teen, high school years, through that last night you guys went a little too hard. Take this video a step further, incorporate a little recording from the fiancé at the end to leave the bride smiling from ear to ear.

For all the brides reading this post, you're clearly in store for one of the best parties yet. After all who knows you better than some of your closest friends? As everyone is taking time out of their lives to celebrate you, it would be incredibly meaningful to return the love. When returning the love, whether its big or small, here at BOXFOX we know a thing or two about personalized gifting. Create a batch of survival boxes or next level essential kits to have every step of the way.

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