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A final word to my mother from our CEO Chelsea Moore!


Janet Moore (my mother) is a legend. With each new year, I have an even greater understanding of just how much work she puts in to our family. She has shown me (and my siblings) the true meaning of selflessness and generosity. It is through watching my mom I see the type of person I want to become and the type of partner I want to be. She is an ass kicker, getting anything and everything she needs done in a day. She has shown me you can give everything your all, always, often giving multiple projects and people 150% all time time, without being obsessed with making sure people notice. She never complains. She was and is always right, from calling out which middle school frenemies would end up total failures to strongly encouraging (begging) I get more involved in high school (and with that, life!). She's demonstrated an impeccable work ethic coupled with a strong sense for bullshit. She's inspired a healthy amount of self confidence in us alongside an even healthier amount of reality and self awareness.  Most importantly, she has always encouraged a guilt-free independence without ever letting me feel alone. 

Happy Mother's Day Mom! Your children bow down to your greatness :)



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