How We Began

We started BOXFOX in an apartment back in Venice, CA.

We were three girls with full-time jobs and a dream to combine new technology with one of the oldest gestures in the book: gift giving.

Fast-forward 3 years, and we’ve got a sweet new warehouse, an amazing team, and the same dream.

BOXFOX is about creating stronger relationships — being there when you can’t be there.

Our mission is to let you send beautiful & personal gifts, enabled by simple user experiences.

What We Offer

The best products from brands you love and brands you’ve never heard of to let you send the best gifts, every time. Crowd favorites and wild cards.


The best experience, from handwriting your note & handpicking your gifts, to shipping around the globe (and saving you a trip to the post office). Gifts by the ones, tens, and thousands, designed, packed, and shipped by a real team.

Who We Are

We’re Chelsea, Jenni, and Sabena, co-founders and best friends.

Where We're Going

Our business is constantly evolving to make our mission a reality. New brands, new partnerships, new platforms. Make sure to follow the journey.