Your Totally (Biased) LA Summer Guide

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Listen up, Angelinos, consider yourself gifted with this fun (totally biased) Summer rundown. We’re serving you the inside scoop on what our foxes favorite restaurants, workout spots, and stores are across the city. From the South Bay to the Westside, we’ve got your back with this handy little guide. 

First up: West Hollywood, Baby! 

We’re kicking this one off with a former FOX (first and only male we’ve ever hired!), Michael Palumbo. But first, a little background from the man, the myth, the legend himself. //

When Chelsea, my best friend since high school, told me about BOXFOX, I knew it would be a success - not necessarily because the concept was revolutionary, but because I knew Chelsea would make it revolutionary. I witnessed firsthand her ability to elevate brands through social media, not to mention her own sorority at UCLA as the recruitment chair. If she get Kylie Jenner to post about product on Instagram for FREE, why couldn't she -with the help of Jenni and Sabena - launch a new business from the ground up? 

Turns out, not without my help. From its inception, I helped Chelsea, either through her clever manipulation or my volunteering, with taking photos, writing copy and helping the girls turn their vision into the beautiful brand it is today. From them, I learned so much that I was able to get a new job as a social media manager. I later returned after quitting that job - to become BOXFOX's first official male employee. How does it feel to break such a glass ceiling? Let's just say sometimes to get a seat at the table, you have to make everyone else at the table feel bad for you because you just left a terrible job and will do anything for income. 

I have since left again (no wonder they don't hire us unreliable males), but I will always consider BOXFOX family, the launching pad for my career, and a home they have no choice but to let me return to. 

MICHAEL PALUMBO // West Hollywood, Hollywood

How I’m Connected to This Neighborhood // I currently work in Mid-City and have since been exposed to so many wonderful restaurants and people. As a gay guy, West Hollywood is the best place to be because many people treat gays like 10 dollar lattes from Alfred's - some might roll their eyes, but many are accepting because like gays they're at least pretty and have (a) great taste. 

Favorite Secret Restaurant // This is hard, because there are literally so many that pop up almost weekly. My most recent new discoveries are El Cartel- an amazing fast-casual Mexican restaurant right next to El Rey Theater, and Met Her At A Bar, a cozy little breakfast spot that specializes in waffles and has the best iced chai I've ever had. 

Favorite Workout Spot // I am a new member of the Equinox on Miracle Mile - whose other members are so fit that I'm inspired to spend an extra 10 minutes on the treadmill every time I'm there. I will mention another place called Unplug - a breathing and meditation studio that's amazing for a good mental workout. Working in social media means I'm constantly looking at my phone, and that's generally considered unhealthy - so it's amazing to give myself 30-45 minutes of time to unplug, unwind, and destress through simple "breathing" exercises. It seems silly, but trust me, it works. 

Favorite Store // Samy's Camera on Fairfax - I've repaired, purchased and sold so many cameras there. They've always been so helpful and an amazing resource for me as an amateur photographer who is currently faking it until he's making it.  

Next Up: Venice! Stay tuned.

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