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Posted by Molly Sanders on

UH CHELLO- we've got churros. Popcorn Churros that is. You favorite snack tasting like your other favorite snack. What could be better, honestly.

Send gourmet popcorn in a giftbox

We have been thinking about churros and how to incorporate them into BOXFOX for a strange amount of time… we can’t really explain it, but we just knew we needed it. And then, we found it, smelled it, tasted it, and placed it artfully in a BOXFOX. The cutest 2 ounce bag of Cinnamini popcorn. For your friend who is always craving the perfect combination of sweet and salty, for your guests to snack on after your rehearsal dinner, or for the absolute tastiest thank you gift- we knew we needed more churros in our lives, and trust us, you do too.

Cinnamon Churro Popcorn GiftBoxes

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