BOXFOX Available On Vow To Be Chic

Posted by Hayley Murach on

Vow To Be Chic is an amazing company located in Santa Monica that makes the process of finding the perfect bridesmaid dress easy! How does it work? You choose the dress on the website, you rent the dress, and then after the festivities, you return it! Vow to Be Chic offers bridesmaid dresses at a fraction of the cost! They even send you the dress in two different sizes in case one doesn't fit right. Even then, if you don't like the fit, you can call customer service and they will help you right away! Being a bridesmaid can be an expensive and stressful honor — but not when you rent a designer dress from Vow To Be Chic!! 

It is a pleasure to announce that BOXFOX is now available on the Vow To Be Chic website! It is so important for us here at BOXFOX to be there for you throughout the whole wedding process and now we can say that we can!



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