The Ultimate Giftboxes, Inspired by your Favorite Christmas Movies

Posted by Chelsea Moore on

Here at BOXFOX, we love a good holiday movie. Once Halloween is over and its socially acceptable, we queue up all of our favorites. As we mentioned in our ART OF CURATION post, some of the best gifts are those "I just get you" gifts. With so many products on Build a BOXFOX, it's easy to get creative and think outside the BOXFOX to make each gift as personal as possible. 

Some of our team members here at BOXFOX HQ took the opportunity to build BOXFOXES inspired by their favorite movies and tell us why they love them so much.

THE GRINCH / Our Corporate Business Lead Grace loves the Grinch (almost too much), and put together a box reflective of the Grinch's sass and signature green color.

"The Kate Spade // 7 Days in a Week (and someday isn't one of them) Notebook seemed like it could be a line straight out of the movie. You can totally picture the Grinch wearing our Elizabeth W Wool Sleep Mask to get away from the Christmas cheer in Whoville, while munching on our Sugarfina S'mores. This was my favorite holiday movie growing up and I love watching it today because Jim Carrey's hilarious one-liners make me feel the same Christmas magic I did in 2000. PS, seeing little J from Gossip Girl makes me laugh".

/ Our CMO Jenni built this box because she can quote every line from the movie, which is one of her all-time faves. 

"I picked the Elizabeth W Light Pink Sleep Mask to pay homage to Cameron's transatlantic journey to Jude Law. The cream pashmina was meant to reflect ours (and the great Nancy Meyers) appreciation for winter whites, in both our homes and our wardrobes. The Herbivore Botanicals Calm Bath salts reminded me of the fact that both Cameron and Kate are trying to get away from the stress of their loser exes. The Drybar Sparkling Soda reminded me that they both end the movie as their best selves. I love this movie because there's nothing a Nancy Meyers movie can't make better, and the Holiday is no exception". 

/ CEO Chelsea called dibs on crafting the perfect BOXFOX that was equal parts "KEVIN!", Christmas and clever curation.

"In the movie, we find Kevin left behind to his own devices, first testing what it means to be the man of the house and eventually, having to creatively defend it. Build a BOXFOX carries enough great product this holiday season that I was able toliterally represent the movie. I picked the Izola Toothbrushes because he has to venture out to get his own, the Herbivore Botanicals Post Shave because of the famous aftershave scene, the Stance socks because winter,  Slingshot + Ammo for obvious reasons. This was always my favorite movie because I always wanted to grow up in John Hughes Chicago and this movie's why I always love being at ORD." 

/ Our Head of Fulfillment Rachel is obsessed with Elf, and had a little too much fun crafting the perfect Elf BOXFOX with our Build a BOXFOX product!

"The possibilities are endless. The Bushwick Cinnamon Maple Syrup was a given, and soon became the centerpiece of my masterpiece. The Mini Moscow Mules is a tribute to Buddy getting drunk in the mail room of his father's office. The Sugarfina and Hammond's work for two reasons. 1. Our Champagne Bubbles just made me think of cotton headed ninny muggins and 2. Candy, candy canes, candy corn and syrup. I threw in the Taschen Mini New York book because Buddy's dad is in publishing...in New York, and who wouldn't want that pretty book in a gift box? This movie is our favorite because the best way to spread Christmas cheer, is singing loud/reciting movie quotes for all to hear."

/ Our COO Sabena and Fulfillment Specialist Riley both jumped at the chance to curate the Love Actually box. 

"We went for a very British, love-centric theme for this BOXFOX! Our Social Type LOVE matchboxes and Heart Sparkler are the literal representations. The Carry On Cocktail Kit is our homage to the Heathrow arrivals terminal. The Rifle Paper Co. "Write More Letters" pin reminds us of Jamie's love signs and Colin Firth's sabbatical in the South of France. And of course the English Breakfast Tea because England. We love that it celebrates all kinds of love and the interconnectivity of the plot reminds me that we're all in this together, which is a nice thing to celebrate at the holiday season."

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