The Ultimate Care Package for Your College Student

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They’ve graduated high school and are already making moves (literally), next stop: college. Take it from the gifting experts, we’ve been there, leaving home can be as tough for them as it is on you, and there’s more to an “I miss you” than a simple phone call or FaceTime.

It’s the thoughtful gestures that go the longest way, which is why you should send them a care package they’ll actually appreciate, and might win you brownie points for when they come home next (maybe they’ll actually consider helping you with the dishes). Regardless of whether they’re homesick or sick of being home, send them your love in the form of a BOXFOX.

We started build a BOXFOX to make your gifting needs more streamlined, for any reason, any season which is why we have plenty of offerings for you gift them the ultimate "I love you" in the form of a care package. 

Consider gifting them a thermos for their long study nights in the library, or HAY earplugs when their roommate is turning them into an insomniac. Facemasks or a jade roller for when they're looking to switch up their beauty routine. A Bento Box to remind them that they need to keep their meal prepping in check, or a Voluspa candle that reminds them of the feel and smell of home, all topped with a note, handwritten. 

Avoid the hassle of running to countless stores to put together just the right gesture, in the most thoughtful way and build your BOXFOX today

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