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One of our biggest priorities at BOXFOX is to pack our boxes with thoughtful and non-disposable products that can be used and appreciated for weeks/months/years to come. And nothing stands the test of time quite like a great book (we see you, The Bible). One of the joys of receiving a great book as a gift (besides getting a bomb new conversation starter for your coffee table) is being able to read it time and time again, always finding something new in the story.

In the spirit of gifting books and sharing stories, some of our team here at BOXFOX HQ sat down to talk about their favorite reads.


What’s your favorite book of all time?

Without a doubt the Harry Potter series (can that count as one book? haha). I told our co-founder Chelsea just last night that my kids will have HP required reading and discussions before they can watch the movies!

Which book that BOXFOX currently carries is your favorite?

The Lost Guides: BALI. My best friend and I were glued to it during our Bali trip - it contains the best recommendations for the millennial traveler.

Who would you gift it to?

I would gift Danielle her own copy as a memento of our amazing trip together, and maybe even inspiration to go back!


What’s your favorite book of all time?

Hmm, it’s a tough one. My favorite author is Jack London, but if I had to choose a single favorite book, I would say East of Eden. I love the final message that we have the choice to be good people - that agency is so powerful!

Which book that BOXFOX currently carries is your favorite?

I’m obsessed with The Dharma Bums, specifically the language. There are times when I have an appetite for a great plot, and I read a lot of business biographies to stay motivated, but my favorite books are ones where I get lost in the language. Kerouac uses such beautiful imagery, you feel, see, and smell the mountains right alongside the characters. And beyond that, you share in their enlightenment with zen buddhism. 

Who would you gift it to?

My best friend is currently studying to be a physical therapist, so she’s pretty much always knee deep in her textbooks and lab homework. I know Monica would appreciate this book because within sentences she’d be outside, in the woods, sharing the simple wisdoms of meditation and reflection in nature. 



What’s favorite book of all time?

Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy (ever heard of him?). Such a beautiful story of a complex family.

Which book that BOXFOX currently carries is your favorite?

Milk and Honey! I’ve been a fan of Rupi Kaur for a while, so when we were thinking about Valentine’s Day products to carry, that book came to mind immediately (plus, we just love the minimal cover design). She is such an amazing writer and her poetry is just so moving.

Who would you gift it to?

I’d give it to a close girlfriend — maybe someone going through a tough time, because the book is all about rising above the pain of everyday life to find the beauty.


What’s your favorite book of all time?

The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas. Got to love that sweet, sweet revenge.

Which book that BOXFOX currently carries is your favorite?

Stephen King's On Writing. Both me (and our Head of Fulfillment Rachel...because we went to high school together!) were assigned this the summer before junior year. His writing style is so clear, well-crafted and concise that it inspires a whole new way to communicate.

Who would you gift it to:

I have given this to so many people, but I'd probably gift this new edition to my best friend Michael. He's a talented and aspiring writer (who also went to high school with me, and loves this book).

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