Our CEO’s 3 Tips to a Creative Kick Start

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Our jobs at BOXFOX demand we produce creative writing, content, photography, etc., but sometimes we get into uninspired ruts. Hitting a roadblock can be unnerving, but Chelsea’s three tips to a creative kick start will help you get out of that slump and back in the thick of it!

Walk Away // If I’m really having a funky week, the first thing I do is change my scenery. Once I remove myself from the situation and stop fixating so hard on the next BOXFOX collection, card design, or photoshoot prep, I can finally give my mind time to breathe. Studies show this incubation period is critical for the mind to make connections that will lead to future breakthroughs! So while it might seem counterintuitive to walk away, you’re actually helping your future creative self come back stronger and smarter.

Help Brainstorm Someone Else’s Project // There’s something about distracting myself from my own creative slump and daydreaming about someone else’s project that really gets the juices flowing. (Maybe it’s the lack of consequences ha!) After getting out of my own headspace, I always come back refocused on my own projects with a lot of passion. Added bonus - if everyone on your team operates this way, the nuggets of advice on a project you give away will come back to you tenfold.

Visit Somewhere Beautiful to You // Maybe it’s Target, maybe it’s LACMA, or maybe it’s just a cute cafe with a greenery wall and an extra strong latte. Something about a beautifully curated space makes me feel creatively whole again. There’s nothing like a fresh Target home collection or Madewell window display to light my fire!

These three steps help me come back to my desk illuminated and motivated to tackle my project head on, and I hope they help you too!

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