Memorial Day Weekend | 5 Easy & Affordable Hostess Tips

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In Memorial Day Weekend tradition, it’s customary to fill your fridge up with ice cold beers, pull out your favorite patriotic attire, and raise a glass to the three-day weekend. Memorial Day is all about bringing people together so keep it simple: food, drink, and small touches are all you really need.

This week we’re kicking off the start of summer fun in the sun with the five steps to hosting your guests effortlessly and affordably. //


Music is the bread and butter of any celebration. Here at HQ, we’re all about cranking up the Beats pill with the perfect Spotify playlist. Some tips and tricks for curating the ideal Memorial Day playlist: Look up the specific genre: Whether it be Country, Rap, Top 40, EDM or anything in between, there’s a playlist available for everyone. Invite guests to your playlists: Give them the option to add their favorites to your party playlist so you’ll be sure to be dancing to the beat of everyone’s drum. Follow your favorite restaurants: This one seems funny, but it works. A lot of restaurants add their playlists to Spotify so if there’s a hot spot you like, they might just have access to their library via the app. Finally, when in doubt, browse it out: Head to the ‘browse’ section of your Spotify where you’ll find top charts and playlists for just about every reason or season.

GOOD EATS (& Drinks too) //

Some food for thought: Don’t host a party without it. Spoiler alert: It doesn’t have to be complicated, in fact the best parties are the ones with simple platters. Using ‘raw’ food like fresh fruit and making a fruit salad is an easy (& healthy) alternative to baking a pie. Jenni, our COO and Co-founder always says that chopping up fruit will actually make people eat it and we can say firsthand, it really does! Check out the recipe HERE for one of our FOX Favorite fruit salad recipes that’s easy to make, we promise. If you’ve made your fruit salad and you’re staring into your fridge thinking, ‘now what?’ We have your answer: Make it a potluck. Tell your guests to bring their favorite Memorial Day Weekend treats to ensure you’re not responsible for everything. You can do the same thing for alcohol, if there are special drinks your guests want to make, tell them to bring them in a pitcher so everyone can try them. You’ll be eating and drinking well + not breaking the bank. That’s a win-win to us.


Before you run to the store to buy endless amounts of paper plates, cups, napkins, the list goes on, consider what you’ve already got at home. Chances are you probably have enough serving plates for everyone or enough napkins to serve a wedding. While the prices of these items seem nominal, always remember that everything adds up! If you don’t have what you need, consider going the direction of Amazon (check these out) or Costco where you know you can buy everything in bulk at a cheaper cost.


Your guests have arrived but you wouldn’t know that because you can’t see them. Consider purchasing some twinkle lights like these or these or even some cute candles. BOXFOX bias aside, get a Voluspa candle, please. Check out collection on build here, trust us, you can never go wrong with one of these. Flavorful scent + keepsake container = smart investment. As for the string lights, they can become a cute desk accessory or who knows, maybe you’ll be pulling them out sooner than you think (did someone say FOURTH OF JULY?!) 


This one seems pretty obvious but you’d be surprised how easy it is to forget that the most important part of a party is the mood you set. You might have the perfect playlist to create the ambiance, good food and drink, an abundance of serving utensils, and the perfect lighting touches but nothing matters if you’re not present. Take a moment for yourself, make sure to let loose, don’t sweat the small stuff, and most importantly smile (did someone say cheese?!). Grab a beer, kick back, and relax because guess what? You’re off the hook for work!


Here at BOXFOX HQ, we’re thinking of the incredible men and women who’ve risked their lives for our safety as well as their families and for that, we thank you! Happy Memorial Day weekend to everyone.

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