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FOX FEELS // Valentine's Day

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Looking for the perfect gift to get your special someone? We’ve got some ideas– and so do some of our favorite foxes. Every one is a sucker for a good love story, so we asked a few of the women we love most (and their partners!) to tell us theirs. They opened up about how they fell in love, what they admire most about their significant others, and how they celebrate Valentine’s Day with the people they love most. 


NICK & NICOLE // Nicole (@mysequinlife) is a PR Consultant at Sequin Productions, and has been working with BOXFOX since we first started our business over two years ago. Her husband, Nick (@dad_beets) works at Yahoo, and is an amazing chef with a mouth-watering food Instagram account.

How did you two meet and how long have you been together?

NICOLE: We met our junior year in college. Nick had transferred from a community college in Northern California and became friends with one of my best friends in the sorority. She told me he was in one of my classes and to say hello because he was new to the school and city. Being my social self, I waved him down in the 300 person Communications class at San Diego State and suggested he sit by me and my 10 other sorority sisters in the class (he willingly joined with a smile). We were close friends for about a year and then started dating. When I decided to move to LA, he joined me and we started our adult life together and got started in our respective careers. Six years after we met, he proposed in Florence, Italy, in the exact same outfit he was wearing that day we met in class. Sixteen years together, 10 years of marriage, two kids later…and he is still the love of my life.

How do you two celebrate Valentine's Day?

NICOLE: Honestly, with two kids it's a bit harder to celebrate a traditional Valentine's Day. My husband is very sweet, he usually gets me my favorite flowers (tulips) and a sweet card. And of course he cooks a great meal for both of us to enjoy after we put the kids to sleep. We have a no-gift policy, but sometimes he cheats and surprises me with something special.

What's the best gift you've ever given each other?

NICOLE: The gift of being a mom, and … my “push presents” (black and rose gold diamond bands) :)

NICK: My two boys, without a doubt. There is no greater gift. But also, one year for my birthday (before we had kids) I told her I just wanted a nice home-cooked meal. No presents. It’s the one time she’s cooked for me in 16 years, and to this day it remains one of my favorite dinners ever. She nailed it.

When did you know you were each other's person?

NICOLE: When he moved from San Diego to LA with me. He didn't know anyone there, left all his friends and a life he loved in San Diego to take a chance on our relationship. I knew he was the one after that bold move.

NICK: I’d like to say it was when I first laid eyes on her, because I definitely thought she was drop dead gorgeous. But at the time we were barely adults, so love and a long-term commitment wasn’t really something I was looking for personally. I’m honestly not sure if there was an exact moment, but I think in the back of my mind I just always knew. Our mutual adoration of Taco Bell and the Wu-Tang Clan certainly didn’t hurt either.

What's your favorite quality about each other?

NICOLE: His patience and cooking skills. I have no patience so he balances me out and can always calm me down when I'm overwhelmed with work, kids, etc. And who doesn't love a man who can cook? If you haven't seen his Instagram feed @dad_beets, that will have you drooling over his cooking, too.

NICK: Her drive, work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit. She inspires me every day and pushes me to be the best version of myself I can be, both in my career and at home as a husband and father. I also love her ability to relate to and converse with absolutely anyone. She just has incredible people skills. I’m more the shy, quiet type, so in social situations we balance out each other perfectly.


SABENA & RAVI // Sabena (@itssabena) is BOXFOX’s own COO, and her boyfriend Ravi (@raviagar) is a first year Resident at Harvard Medical School.

How did you two meet and how long have you been together?

SABENA: Funny story. We first met at a student government retreat in the summer before my junior year at USC (his senior year). It was a speed dating activity and we just got a little caught up in our conversation — so much so that we didn't want to switch chairs and “speed date” the next person. And that was that. Then we met again when I was rushing a leadership fraternity that he was part of a few weeks later. I thought he wouldn't remember me, so I reintroduced myself…as soon as he was saying “yeah, we’ve met before”…awkward. We’ve been together 6 years, so I guess you could say things turned out okay.

RAVI: Sabena and I met in the fall of 2010 when we were put in the same group tasked with drawing a map of the United States at a student government retreat. It remains the only time being able to locate Alabama on a map has come in handy.

How do you two celebrate Valentine's Day?

SABENA: We definitely switch things up every year. We’ve had super high-key Valentine’s Days—a romantic getaway to Santa Barbara or San Diego, candlelit dinner with a view of the city—but we’ve also done low-key things, like cooking dinner and putting on a movie. I love it all—I’ve never been anti-Valentine’s Day.

RAVI: We both pretend that Valentine's Day is just another excuse to get dressed up and go to a fancy restaurant, but I know we secretly enjoy getting each other flowers, cards, and planning little surprises throughout the day.

What's the best gift you've ever given each other?

SABENA: That’s a tough one. We both act like we don’t love surprises, but we do. He surprised me for my 22nd birthday by taking me to a Cirque show and then inviting all my friends to a rooftop bar (Perch in DTLA), which was an amazing gift because it was just so thoughtful and specific to what I would have wanted. It’s one of my favorite memories. A close second would be FRONT ROW seats to the T-Swift concert two summers ago. That was pretty epic. Semi embarrassing fact: we’ve gone to every one of her concerts together.

RAVI: Sabena is the best gift I ever could have asked for. An olive green Burberry bomber she got me is a close second.

When did you know you were each other's person?

SABENA: Maybe when I realized that we both shared a love for T-Swift? Ha. But in all seriousness, I think it was after a trip to the Bahamas together, our first trip. We had just landed in LA, and instead of just heading home to sleep (which would have been the smart choice after a week of nonstop partying), we decided to keep the fun going and went to a bar in DTLA to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. I realized there might not have been another person in the universe as crazy as me and there wasn’t anywhere else I’d rather have been.

RAVI: This is a cop-out, but it's hard to pick one defining moment with Sabena. Each day I learn something new about her that makes me fall for her all over again.

What's your favorite quality about each other?

SABENA: Too many to count. He’s the most caring, thoughtful person I know, and not a day goes by without me almost crying from laughter when I’m around him. He’s so committed to his medical career, but never lets that get in the way of the things and people he loves—and somehow makes it all look easy. It’s rare & amazing.

RAVI: Sabena is the most giving person I know. She'll do anything for her friends and family. Me being in medicine hasn't been the easiest on her, but I couldn't have gotten to where I am today without her.


ASHLEY & ANDY // Ashley (@everydaypursuits) met her boyfriend Andy (@andyfisher) at work, before leaving her job and starting her career as the talented blogger behind Pursuit of Shoes.

How did you two meet and how long have you been together?

ASHLEY: We met at work (surprising!) and have been together for over 4 yrs. We only worked together for a little over a year and are positive that me leaving was really good for our relationship - haha.

How do you two celebrate Valentine's Day?

ANDY: Back in the day I used to buy her flowers and take her to dinner... I should start doing that again!

ASHLEY: VDAY is always low key for us because my birthday is February 3rd and I like to go BIG for my birthday.

What's the best gift you've ever given each other?

ANDY: Our first Christmas together I bought Ashley a brand new MacBook Air. She was spending so much time outside of work working on her blog on a very outdated computer, so I thought it would be a practical and thoughtful gift. Of course she cried when she opened it and she also told me that I set the bar really high for future gifts!

ASHLEY: Oh yeah, that was THE BEST gift. I still use it to this day! But seriously, who gets their GF a new MacBook 2 months into dating? Haha! For Andy's birthday one year I threw him a surprise party at Sky Zone. Andy's a big kid and I wanted him to have such a fun birthday with all of his friends and family. It was a great success and he literally had NO idea until he walked into Sky Zone and all his friends were there.

ANDY: I have no idea how she pulled it off but it really was one of the best and most memorable gifts. She also had my favorite ice cream spot cater my next birthday; she's really good at making birthdays special!

When did you know you were each other's person?

ANDY: It's funny, Ashley asked me that the other day. I don't really know if I can pinpoint a date, I just know that my love for her has grown so much over time. I'm grateful everyday to have her as my partner!

ASHLEY: Ditto. I feel like the first time I ugly-cried in his arms (not because of him)  was when I realized he was my best friend, confidant, and so much more.

What's your favorite quality about each other?

ANDY: Ashley's smile and her energy. She is always happy, sees the best in people, and has a positive outlook on life.

ASHLEY: So many things. Andy's one of the smartest people I know and he challenges me to think harder and smarter. He does have a gorgeous smile and insanely beautiful eyes, too!

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