Inside The BOX(FOX) With Claire Raymond

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First, there were three. Now there are fourteen (including our office dog, Eleanor) and we couldn’t be happier. Here at BOXFOX, we pride ourselves on being an all-women company run by three wonderful women. Meet the brains behind our beautiful curations. These foxy ladies are the reason we’re able to keep business, as usual. We're staying inside the BOX(FOX) and introducing you to our incredible team. 

First up, our bubbly, brainy, Business Development Manager, Claire Raymond. //

Describe your role and what you do day to day //

Officially, I’m the Business Development Manager. Each day is different but if I had to give you my 30 second summary, it’d be working to foster and grow new and exciting projects that will benefit BOXFOX in a meaningful way. Whether I’m at a networking event, stalking brands on social media, or working on an ongoing client project, I’m always looking to grow and manage all of our fun corporate business. 

How did you get here and why you love working for BOXFOX?

A friend told me about BOXFOX what seems like a million years ago when I was desperately looking for a gift for a friend who was going through a rough time. I can still remember what I sent her: A Six Depot Green Tea tin, Voluspa Casa Pacifica Candle, Tocca hand creme and Sugarfina ‘But First Rose’ bears. She called me crying the day she received it saying how much it meant to her, and hence my love for BOXFOX was born. Aside from that, I knew I had to find a way to work at BOXFOX when I successfully used two of our precurated boxes to bribe my boyfriend’s sisters and mom to like me. Kidding, they already liked me but it definitely helped grease the runway. 

#1 reason I love working at BOXFOX: Because I’ve had the first-hand experience of actually seeing how what we do can touch people’s lives in truly meaningful ways. #2 reason I love working at BOXFOX: I’ve gotten infinitely cooler thanks to my amazing coworkers who tell me what shoes are in (and absolutely are not), how to make my hair look beachy even when it’s the dead of winter, for showing me how valuable a good spray tan can be, and, last but not least: for reinforcing my love for a really good meme.

Favorite client curation OR fun corporate products?

The special sauce on a BOXFOX corporate gift consists of four main ingredients: useful, personal, well-presented, and perfectly timed.

 A few of my favorite client curations consist of:

VISA , summer gifting suite: World Cup Edition - this was one of the most fun projects to work on! The client really wanted a fun way to make a splash with their summer outreach so we curated a World Cup viewing party in a box. it came with a branded Moscow mule mug, cocktail syrup, a bottle opener and sweet treats to make for the perfect companion for when all the action heats up!

BevSpot’s new product mailers - I didn’t personally work on this one (snaps to Sabena!) but I love the curation. A beverage client needed a fun way to launch new software so we put together a “midnight munchies” box, complete with essential items for closing down their bar at night.

Workday, ongoing client “Thank You” gifts - this was a fun project because we had so many different elements at play. The client needed three separate curations based on their client “personalities” so we built a box around travel, relaxation and the foodie experience. Also a great way to showcase how subtle branding goes a long way!


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