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FYI: Pumpkin Spice Lattes are officially back at Starbucks. And while temperatures haven’t quite cooled off in Southern California, we know Fall is just around the corner. 

Gifting and the holidays are pretty much synonymous. Don’t get us wrong, Christmas and New Year gifts are our bread and butter. But we have recently seen an increase in Fall gifting - and we are here for it. Gifting September through November is great for those who want to get ahead of the curve and when accompanied with timely messaging, it’s a home run. 

When the leaves change, we change up our products! We love adding fall favorites into our line up to really showcase the new season. Building on themes of copper, bronze, maple and seasonal beverages (hot toddy’s anyone?!) are a definite crowd pleaser and reinforce the idea that gifting is important year-round.

Halloween is a time to have fun with gifting. Building into the traditional themes adds a playful touch and an unexpected surprise and delight. The best part is, most recipients are not expecting a gift this time of year so your message makes a lasting impression. On the corporate side of BOXFOX, we recently had an HR Software company come to us with the goal of creating an account prospecting box with the theme of “HR doesn’t have to be scary!” We filled it with a matte black Corkcicle, Sugarfina blood fruttini candy, some Dardiman’s blood orange slices and a few other on-theme items. Can we say it might be our favorite corporate BOXFOX this month (pics to come soon)!

Thanksgiving is a perfect time to give. It’s right there in the name! An elevated cooking essentials box complete with a thoughtful message will communicate to the recipient not only your intentions, but also what makes this holiday so special - connecting with others over a shared meal. There is truly no better time to say thanks to those important people in your life than on Thanksgiving. Sending a BOXFOX that expresses those intentions and adds an interactive component will be something the entire family can enjoy. We love curating boxes that encourage relaxation - also an important part of Thanksgiving traditions. Our digital detox box will encourage the recipient to put their feet up, get cozy and watch football with the family.  

Who will you be gifting this Fall? 

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