How our CMO Builds a BOXFOX

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Whenever I’m giving a gift to someone, (one of my favorite things to do!) I always want it to be reflective of that person’s interests and our relationship. I absolutely love curating a gift around something that is symbolic to both of us, like an experience we had together or an obsession we share. Whether it's something small, or a giant gesture, a gift that’s rooted in our relationship will have that much more heart! For example, I’m from Half Moon Bay, so for my friends and family from home, anything moon-nuanced feels so meaningful. 


Once I’ve scrolled through BUILD and I’ve selected something that feels sincere and emblematic, it’s easy to build out a theme. From self love, desk essentials, or something in the kitchen, I try and put myself in the recipients shoes and understand what they would most appreciate. 


I’m obsessed with presentation, especially little details, so I love to take complimentary colors into consideration. The color tab on BUILD A BOXFOX makes it so easy to narrow my browsing within certain tones, moods, and color schemes. 


Last but not least, I think the ability to choose your own card is so fun! I’m really visual, so just like with build, I love seeing all of my options next to each other. There are so many great cards - it can be hard to choose! 

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