HOMEROOM + SLEEPOVER / An Ode to Female Friendships

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We interviewed a few of our BOXFOX employees on who they’re gifting this V Day. This week is all about Galentine’s - hear from Grace, Viv, and Chelsea about their fierce female friendships, and how they were inspired to create our new V Day prepacked collection!

HOMEROOM // Grace + Danielle

Friends since Kindergarten, Grace and Danielle (aka Chapey…going by Danielle C. didn’t stick) went to school together for 13 years. So naturally, Grace knew the perfect gift to send Chapey for V Day had to be rooted in their shared years in the trenches at St. Isidore’s and Carondelet.

Even though they wore uniforms from Kindergarten to high school, that never stopped the duo from accessorizing! (Chapey still has the scrunchie that matched her plaid St. Isidore’s skirt.) Passing notes and sharing gel pens were how they survived the block periods of history note taking during 6th grade - so what better reminder of those trying times than Sugar Paper’s cute notepad and bright pink Le Pen? Flash forward to more recent memories - no adventure to the farmer’s market or round of returns to Broadway Plaza is complete without a thermos full of tea (the duo is notorious for not drinking coffee) and Baggu’s reusable tote bag!

Happy G Day Chapey! Thanks for coming along to my mom’s take your daughter to work day in 1st grade, chauffeuring me and my high school boyfriend to dinner before Junior Prom (I even sat with him in the back…I’m the worst!), and putting up with my dietary neediness to eat every three hours during our trip to Bali! You’re the funniest gal I know, and I appreciate your patience and  understanding. Thanks for introducing me to country music, sushi, and One Direction! Love you, Grace <3

Grace, Happy Galentine’s day! I hope your day is filled with lots of candy, Sugarfish, and good books! Even though you're a terrible driver and have attempted to set me up with horrid frat boys there's nobody I'd rather jam to ratchet music with. Xoxo, Danielle and the dogs

SLEEPOVER // Chelsea + Viv

Vivian and Chelsea met in 9th grade PE, and have been inseparable ever since Vivian would drag Chelsea along on the mile so she wouldn’t flunk. Their favorite past time? Friday night sleepovers at Vivians! When it came to picking out Galentine’s gifts this year, Chelsea knew the SLEEPOVER BOXFOX was the perfect nod to their nights begging Vivian’s brother to take them to teepee their crush’s house.

From your DIY spa, to prank calling boys and playing MASHOB, the SLEEPOVER box is an elevated ode to the pre-teen nights spent with your best girlfriends. Take a MySpace mirror pic (eh em Vivian) in your Aenon rose face mask, and jot down the memories you have of boyfriends past. But no night is complete with pink fuzzy socks, a staple for surviving the night with your old sleeping bag!

Happy Galentine’s Vivian. It’s friendships like ours, rooted in our weird, not-so-cute, pre-nose job days, withstanding the growth and challenges of our early twenties, that reinforce just how special and strong female friendships are. I’m proud to say we can laugh even more now than we did then and that I have an ally who knew me way back when. -Chels

Chels, Happiest Galentine's Day to my sista friend for the last 12 years. 12 backwards is 21. 21 in Spanish is veintiuno which was our number in P.E. where we first met. I can’t think of a better friend to drag through our mile run (walk), have sleepovers that led to teepee-ing boys houses, while singing Vanessa Carlton - White Houses. Working alongside you from Brandy sales to BOXFOX, blessed to have the best by my side! Xx Viv

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