Why Experience-Based Gifting Is At the Core Of What We Do

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Not many people know the story behind BOXFOX. While we could write a whole blog post on that (and we will soon!), the short story is that the three of us (Chelsea, Jenni, and Sabena) had a friend who was hospitalized and we couldn’t get to there to see her. We wanted to send her a meaningful care package — something that looked beautiful but also had actual product she could use to get better — but didn’t have endless time to shop around and go to the post office. So, we decided to do something about it, and the idea for BOXFOX was born.

When we were first concepting the company, we knew we wanted it to be a different. We always look at ourselves as a service-based brand, because the brands and products we carry change and evolve as we do, but our core mission—making gifting effortless, elevated, and authentic —will always remain.

What that means for BOXFOX is that each gift is so much than the products it is comprised of. While we love our gourmet chocolate, luxe bath salts, and scented candles as much as the next person, what’s even more meaningful is the story that these gifts tell when sent together in a beautiful package. In fact, these very items all make up our PAMPER BOXFOX, a bestseller that, as the name implies, gives the recipient permission to take a minute to take care of themselves.

Experience-based gifting extends to our Corporate Concierge philosophy—some could say it’s our “secret sauce.” It’s why we always start our client calls by asking about the message, purpose, and intention of the gifting suite. From there, we hone in on a “theme,” which ultimately translates to how the recipient will feel when they get their gift—the experience.

Below are a few photos of how we deliver on that philosophy for our corporate clients.

corporate corner corporate gifting

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