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I'm ahead of the curve, I want to order now! But I don't want my gifts to ship till closer to the Holidays!

Don't worry. We have a HOLD FOR HOLIDAY button. Select that and your gifts will ship December 11th with a "Don't Open Until the Holidays" sticker on the shipper!

I'm ordering quite a few to hand out myself or put under my own tree, how do I know which gift is which?

Great question! We have beautiful hang tags that go into the bow with a "curated by:  and given to: " that our fulfillment team carefully fills out so you know exactly whose gift is whose!

This is a gift, you don't include any pricing or receipts, right?

We never, ever, include any pricing. BOXFOXes ship as if you put them together and shipped them yourself.

What is my drop-dead last day to order a gift?

Sunday December 17th at 5p PST. No exceptions! 

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