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East Coast vs West Coast is one of the oldest debates to date, with arguments springing up between bi-coastal best friends from college, husband and wife, or even a debate in your own head. Is it the California beach life you so desire or the New York Hamptons experience that calls your name? Alas, we admit that we are biased towards the West Coast. While that is one debate that may never be solved, we’re here to give you a sneak peek into summer life in five fantastic regions of the United States. We have curated a beautiful box inspired by each region, representing the Northeast, Great Plains, South, Southern California, and Northwest. Ever wondered if summer life in New Orleans is as wild as Mardi Gras is or if the Hamptons can compete eye-to-eye with our southern California beaches? Well, we’ll give you a glimpse of summer life in each spot, and you can decide for yourselves, Foxes!

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NORTHEAST // In the Northeast, summer opportunities are endless. You may opt to spend your summer working in Manhattan by week and escaping to the Hamptons by weekend for some much needed fun, sun, and relaxation. Or you may choose to spend your days exploring the endless coastline of beaches touching the Atlantic Ocean up in Maine and picking fresh blueberries and apples. Because there are so many different types of activities you can partake in up in the Northeast, we put together this box filled with goodies perfect for a variety of activities.


GREAT PLAINS // The Great Plains are a place to decompress, adventure, or maybe even get back in touch with your roots. The warm summer breeze is irresistible, and you will be drawn to the great outdoors, therapeutic swaying dry grasses, and golden horizon all summer long. Foxes, we’ve put together this box to make easier your wine nights (or let’s be honest—days), daily morning coffee on the front porch, and candle-lit picnics with your beau.


SOUTH // Sweet tea, freshly baked goods, molasses, fried Twinkies—what could be better?! We love the South not only for its delicious food but its fun, classy, and timeless style, too. Whether its biking through a field with your brother, swinging on a tire swing solo, going on a canoe trip with friends, or shooting some guns with dad, this box’s goodies are perfect for anyone’s Southern summer. And of course, we love Rifle Paper Co.’s products and would be so excited to be able to visit its headquarters in Florida.


SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA // Oh Southern California, not only are you situated on the West Coast (best coast), you are home to us here at BoxFox! We are thankful every day to wake up to the beautiful weather, seemingly endless lines of palm trees, and gorgeous coastline. We’ve put together this box with a few of our favorite essentials necessary for all of our beach-going, sun-kissed, fast-paced, and energetic summer lifestyles.


PACIFIC NORTHWEST // We all know that Seattle is home to both the Space Needle and the Microsoft and Amazon headquarters. However, Seattle also happens to be situated in the Pacific Northwest region, home to a slew of scenic mountains, gorges, and evergreen forests—all surrounded by water. If your soul craves adventure, the Pacific Northwest will call your name. A summer lifestyle in the Pacific Northwest includes hiking, whitewater rafting, and kayaking, and this box has all the essentials to keep you going all summer long.

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As always, we love feedback from our Foxes. Let us know which box you like more (or how you spend your summer) by dropping us a message at!

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