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Fox Tale // The Best Gifts We Ever Got From Our Moms

Posted by Molly Sanders on

We went through all of the classic mother-daughter phases with our moms. We cried the first time we were dropped off at preschool and had to be apart from them. We were humiliated beyond repair when they volunteered to work at the cafeteria snack shop in middle school. We talked back to them in high school when they didn’t let us go to that party that everyone was going to be at. We slammed doors when we were grounded for breaking curfew. And yet, by the time we got to college, we had come full circle, and just like preschool, cried when they dropped us off at our dorm. From then on we became more and more aware every day of how much our moms have done for us. We think about how lucky we are to have been raised by them...and kind of freak out when we start to do things exactly like them (uh...are we becoming our mothers?), yet wouldn’t trade any of it for the world. Our moms know us better than anyone else and that is why we are talking the best gifts we have ever gotten from them!

G R A C E // 

My favorite gift my mom ever gave me was for Christmas when I was 13. She was so excited for me to open this tiny package under the tree and I didn’t understand what could be so special about this present that weighed almost nothing. I opened it and it was a Wicked CD with a note saying we were taking a trip to NYC to see it! This was about the coolest thing in 2005 and taking our trip to see it together meant the world to me.

 D A N I E L L E // 

On April 5th 1995 my mom gave me life which was pretty cool and hard to top. But the surprise party she planned for me on my 21st birthday is definitely on the best-gifts-ever list as well. I really love making things and doing arts and crafts (I'm a child), so she planned a surprise birthday party for me at the Paper Source by my apartment. She rented out the space and booked a card making class for my friends and I. She made her unbeatable Chinese chicken salad and brought pink champagne and I actually can not imagine a better day. It made my birthday so special, and I can't thank her enough!! LOVE YOU MAMA!
M O L L Y // 
My favorite gift from my mom was actually from both her and my grandma. 16 is kind of a big deal. Not a girl...not yet a know, so they wanted me to give me a timeless piece of jewelry that will always remind me of them. We looked for the perfect necklace that I could wear forever, but nothing really stood out to me...for 4 years. Any time we were out of town or on vacation, we would keep our eyes out for small boutiques, hoping to finally find it. Right before my 20th birthday, I finally found it. A beautiful rose gold lariat necklace. I wear it every day now and always think of my mom and grandma. 

C H E L S E A // 

My mom has literally done so much for me that it's hard to pick just one thing to highlight. The gift of her time is the biggest standout because she always made each of us 3 kids feel like we were her number one priority. That love and attention helped guide me through times both good and bad. Materialistically (haha) all I wanted senior year of high school was Ray-Ban wayfarers and talked about it for an entire year. The day I got into UCLA, I came home and she had gotten them for me. I was so so happy!

R A C H E L // 

The best gift I have ever gotten from my mom was more of a gesture than a tangible gift. She planned the best surprise 16th birthday party for me. She did the invitations and everything and had my best friend pass them out at school. It was actually a total surprise. I didn't ask for a party but she knew I wanted one so it was so so sweet.  

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