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Fox Tale // The Best Advice My Father Gave Me

Posted by Danielle Merrihew on

Let’s face it, we are all daddy’s girls at heart. Dads are always there to give us advice, teach us about the world (go sports!), and to make sure the new boyfriends we bring home are good enough for their little girls. So yeah, our dads are pretty f*cking awesome. From when we were kids and they used to carry us in from our car seats when we fell asleep on our way home from soccer practice, to now, when they never fail to give us invaluable advice about our futures, they have always been there to support us. So, in honor of Father’s Day coming up next Sunday, we have compiled some of the best advice we have ever received from our dads. We love you guys!
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S A B E N A   /   C O O
Father's Day Advice // BOXFOX
"Dreams don’t work unless you do." He’s the hardest working guy I know, and I like to think I get my (sometimes insane) work ethic from him. But, he also knows how to relax over an amazing bottle of Pinot and taught me everything I know about wine!
G R A C E   /   H E A  D   O  F   C O R P O R A T E   G I F T I N G
Best Advice From Dad // BOXFOX
My dad and I are very similar - from our crazy resemblance, obsession with Sugarfish, and Warrior fandom, to our ability to speak in movie quotes that leaves everyone around us confused. He always emulates respect and composure, and taught me how to become like him since I was little. From always calling everyone older than me Mr. and Mrs., to learning how to cheerfully thank someone for a gift that I secretly hated, these life lessons have made me a more respectful and (somewhat less) sassy person. Thanks Dad! "Love you to the moon and back down to the dirt" - Will Smith in Jersey Girl (see what I did there?)
C H E L S E A   /   C E O
Best Advice from Dads // BOXFOX
Everyone around BOXFOX knows my dad is my best friend (it's a tier guys, and he's a part of it). His selflessness and generosity is unparalleled, and something I appreciate more and more the older I get. He's taught me a lot of things (what good music sounds like, how to drive, etc.) but the most important thing my dad ever taught me was to let people off the elevator before I get on. It's a simple lesson that, as I get older, I find comes to really mean: be aware, have common sense and practice courtesy.  
D A N I E L L E   /   I N T E R N
Advice from Dad // BOXFOX
My dad f*cking rocks. He is hilarious, loving, and unwaveringly supportive. He has taught me so much – how to read a racing form and an appreciation of good movies being two of the most important lessons. I think that the best advice he's ever given me is to GWIL. Let me explain. GWIL is an acronym that my dad made up when I was really young that literally stands for "get with it, loser." I know it sounds juvenile and kind of harsh, but the meaning behind it is that, if you're ever going to do something cool, you should take advantage of every aspect of the experience, because it might never happen again. Whether it be encouraging me to dive into the pool at the bottom a secluded waterfall despite how drenched I may be on my hike back down, or yelling "GWIL" at me across the table at a nice dinner as I contemplate whether to get the filet mignon or stick with a salad, he never ceases to push me to live each moment as fully as possible. Love you Daddy, GWIL.
M O L L Y   /   I N T E R N
Gifts for Dad // BOXFOX
My dad always tells me to "never negotiate against myself." It is actually his favorite thing to say to my sisters and I, and we can basically anticipate exactly whenever it is going to come out of his mouth. But really, it is some of the best advice I have ever gotten, especially now- as I am applying for jobs and planning my move to a new city. Whenever I am home from college I can always expect a pile of articles about fashion, health and wellness, and any of my other interests, that he has copied and printed out for me to read. He always encourages me to pursue what I am most passionate about and to never sell myself short. He is the most hardworking person I know and has always inspired me to try and do the same. 
J E N N I   /   C M O
Advice from Dads // BOXFOX
My dad is chalk full of advice! I think the biggest lesson he's shown and taught me over the years really boils down to trying your hardest. No one I know works harder than Alan Olivero. I have him to thank for my drive and work ethic.

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