International Women's Day

Posted by Chelsea Moore on

Next Wednesday, March 8th, marks International Women’s Day which – in case the name doesn’t give it away – is a day when women from all walks of life are celebrated globally. As an international community, we will come together to commemorate the tremendous achievements of women in the social, cultural, political, and economic fields – which is definitely something we can get behind. Because honestly, you’re bullsh*tting yourself if you don’t think women are the literal glue that keeps the workplace/household/society/world/galaxy/universe from completely falling apart.

In praising the important women in our lives and reflecting on our gender’s accomplishments, we also shed light on the strides that still must be made in order to further the fight toward total gender equality. What makes this day so special is that it is a call to action, reminding men and women from around the world that we’ve got some serious work to do. And if you’re anything like us, the political and social climate of these past few months has already fueled your fire to join the fight.

At BOXFOX, we are so down for celebrating and empowering boss-a** women from around the world, and for fighting for gender equality (because that so obviously should already be a thing). As a company founded by three, strong and motivated women, we are trying to make our mark on an entrepreneurial world that is not always so accepting and welcoming to the female voice.

Since we founded our business just over two years ago, we have jumped on every opportunity to learn from other women in business and share our experiences to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs. So far we have hosted a Women About Town event in our warehouse, spoken at a Twitter Live Periscope Chat for last year’s International Women’s Day, organized a Boss Ladies Magazine event, and so much more. Looking toward the future, we will also be attending the Girlboss Rally this coming Saturday… so yeah, you could say female empowerment gets us pretty fired up.

That being said, there is absolutely zero chance we would have been able to get to where we are today without the countless phenomenal women – and men – who support us and have constantly served as role models for us throughout our journeys. To our moms who have always believed in us; our roommates who have never doubted us; our mentors who are constantly pushing us; the men who fight alongside us (hi dad!); and of course, all of the Hillary’s, Meryl’s, and Beyoncé’s out there who inspire us– here’s to you!

This March 8th, take a moment to be proud of the powerful woman that you are and to celebrate all of the women out there who are just as rad as you. In the spirit of International Women’s Day, here are some ways you can use your #girlpower for good– participate in your neighborhood’s Women’s March on the 8th, research and vote in the March 7th local elections, get involved with organizations such as Girls Today Women Tomorrow & Science Club For Girls that empower girls to achieve their dreams, or volunteer in your community through programs like 826la & Habitat for Humanity. Grab your hammers ladies, we’ve got some glass ceilings to shatter.


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