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W H A T  F R I E N D S H I P S  M E A N  T O  U S //

BFFS, confidants, partners in crime; whatever you decide to call them, friends accompany you in your journey through life--through the exciting times that make you want to smile and the difficult times that make you never want to leave your apartment. A true friend is someone that you never have to impress, one that makes you feel safe and secure even in your weakest of moments. A true friend is someone you respect and who respects you in return. A true friend is someone who is happy to spend time with you doing absolutely nothing or absolutely everything. A true friend is someone you can go to dinner with and not feel the need to speak at all, comfortably silent. A true friend is loyal, someone who will stick with you through it all.

Most importantly, a true friend is someone who tries to help you even when they don’t know how. That is where BOXFOX comes in to help -- for us here at BOXFOX, our mission is to help you let your friends know that you are there for them even when you can't be physically there. With BuildABOXFOX you can curate the perfect personalized gift for your partner in crime by hand-picking a combo of gifts!

C O M P L I M E N T  C O R N E R //

@daniellemerrihew wrote of her UCLA sorority sister @aritagg

@aritagg is the best, kindest, and most generous person that I know! She always thinks of others before herself and is constantly going out of her way to make friends, acquaintances, and even strangers feel loved and valued. Not to mention she's super beautiful and also extremely smart. Love you long time Ariani!!!!

@carolinegrace7 wrote of her BFF @katyhallyall

This FOXXY lady goes above and beyond to support and do things for others. She puts everyone else's needs/wants before her own. Her selfless servants heart is a blessing. She is a light to everyone who meets her and always has a smile on her face! Katy is the definition of a true friend. She tells you like it is and will have your back no matter what! She deserves a gift because she IS a gift to me and my family!

@laurajanelundin wrote of her good friend @sabrinasaysblog

This lady deserves all the hugs and loves in the world. Being the most positive person I've ever met - nothing keeps her down. She's grown so much over the past 8 years of being my friend and has chased her dreams to the fullest. Thank you for making me a better person, creating such a positive aura around you and everything you touch, and of course - for loving life as much as you do. Life just wouldn't be the same without you, girl.

S U B M I S S I O N S //

Foxes, do you have a friend that you haven't talk to in a while? Someone who you should catch up with and tell them how much they mean to you? We all do. 

To be featured on Fox Tale's Weekly Compliment Corner, email submissions to with the subject "compliment corner submission." 

Tell us the nicest compliments of your BFF or even a story about your favorite fox. Include a square-cropped, high-resolution photo of you and your partner in crime! We plan to feature all of you, Foxes, who write genuine and thoughtful compliments of your friends. Remember, we're always here with our #positivityfriday! It's time to raise each other up! 

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