Five Fast Facts With Our Founders

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The BOXFOX Co-Founders, they’re just like us! This week, we asked our Co-Founders to each give us 5 fast (and fun) facts about each of them, because while they absolutely adore our company, believe it or not, they’re more than just the BOXFOX brand! Read along to see what our three hilarious, bubbly, and outgoing Co-Founders had to say in each of their five fast facts! // 

CHELSEA // CEO + Co-Founder

  1. I've never met a cop show I didn't like. All hail the OG, Law & Order SVU, but honorable mentions for Brooklyn Nine Nine, The Closer and Bones.
  1. I have two screws in my foot from that time I broke my foot at Soul Cycle in a freak accident 3 years ago. 
  1. I LOVE BREAD (Oprah gif) in all forms, specifically saltines, sourdough and baguettes.
  1. I truly love airports, airplanes, air terminal design, air routes and flying in general.
  1. I drink an unsweetened iced green tea every morning and I'm trying to transition to making batches at home to bring to work in my Hydroflasks.

JENNI // COO + Co-Founder

  1. I was born in Düsseldorf, Germany. My parents are both American, but they were working for a German company that offered a work abroad program. We moved to California before my 1st birthday.
  1. I just signed up for the Ventura Marathon! I ran the same race in 2017, so I’m excited to see if I can PR. Lots of long beach runs are in my future!
  1. My hometown Half Moon Bay, California is the unofficial pumpkin capital of the world. Like a true Coastsider, I eat pumpkin year round.
  1. I try and do my best to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. I always have bags, straws, and disposable utensils on hand, avoid plastics and waste as much as possible, and I gave up red meat almost two years ago. 
  1. I took night classes last fall and received my adult sacrament of confirmation this January (Chelsea, Sabena, and a few of our other team members were there!). My faith has become an even bigger part of my life the last few years and I love the community at my church, St. James in Redondo Beach. 

SABENA // CSO + Co-Founder

  1. I can’t go a single day without eating almonds! Almond milk in my coffee, almond butter in my smoothies or with an apple, and almonds as a snack. :)
  1. I love astrology and have been recently getting into Human Design as well! I truly believe it helps me understand my friends & family better! 
  1. I was born on Long Island and have a ton of family in NYC, but had never been back to my birthplace until last summer. 
  1. I love all things fashion and enjoy being a stylist for my friends for any and all life occasions (weddings, birthdays, new jobs…). If I didn’t start BOXFOX, I’d make that my job!
  1. My 20’s have turned me into an early bird. My ideal sleep schedule is bed by 9:45pm and wake up at 5:45am for a workout.
  1. BONUS: I’ve never seen an episode of GOT. Sorry!


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