Festival Season Essentials // Build your own BOXFOX, you deserve it

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With Spring in full-swing and the weather heating up, Festival Season has finally arrived. Whether you’re gearing up for Coachella, Stagecoach, or just wishing you were, we’ve pulled some festival essentials to ensure you won’t miss a beat (HA!).

 BKR // 500 ML Waterbottle

Hydrate in style with this spiked waterbottle, pairing perfectly with any festival outfit to help you stand out in a crowd. Its twist on cap will keep your drink sealed tight that has a hook easy to hold on to or tie to any backpack or purse.

Native Union // Keychain Charger

This compact charger is the perfect addition to your car keys or zipper pocket to make sure that your phone is ready to stream all of the surprises and events the festival might bring. What’s better than giving yourself a gift of a fully charged iPhone?!

 Vitruvi // Face and Body Mist

Let’s get real here, you’re going to be in packed crowds all weekend and the likelihood of you feeling totally refreshed is pretty slim. Luckily for you, Vitruvi’s fragrant face and body mist has the perfect blend of essential oils to keep you looking and smelling great all weekend.

Pinch // OOO Travel Kit

Get ahead of the game with this perfect OOO Travel Kit by Pinch Provisions. This compact kit is packed with just about anything and everything you might possibly need while you’re frolicking the festival grounds from safety pins to assist with any outfit malfunctions to hand cleansing towlettes to keep them feeling clean.

 Well-Kept// Hampton Wipes

These wipes are small enough to throw into your purse or backpack to keep your belongings good as new. With all of the dirt floating around in the air, you’ll thank us for reminding you to keep your sunglasses sparkling throughout the weekend. (Ask yourself, do you really want a dirty glasses pic in your next insta??).

So, what are you waiting for?! TREAT YO SELF to a BOXFOX (you deserve it!) 

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