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Characterized by the symbol of the Crab comes the fourth zodiac sign, the Cancer. Their combination of passion and emotion explains why these signs are quick to retreat into their shell when situations make them crabby. While Cancers tend to be overwhelmed in large groups, they are incredibly intuitive and intelligent, and can easily decipher motivations in most social settings. The observant personalities of Cancers can make these signs come across as cold despite them often having a witty, dry sense of humor. Like crabs, their love of the ocean give insight as to why they are best represented by the element of water. Gift the Cancer in your life the all-white curation of their dreams or make a splash with the green and blue colors of the sea. For their love of water, consider the white Sugarfina champagne bubbles and our BOXFOX silvery geode. Light up their life with a sea-blue Voluspa casa pacifica candle as they sip on their freshly whisked up Matchaful matcha. To make their day that much sweeter, gift them the ivory ribboned B-toffee, the J Coco sea salt toffee or the Compartes matcha chocolate bar. There’s no OUAI you can go wrong with any of these products, especially not the Ouai wave spray or texturing hairspray to spruce up their birthday glam.  

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Dates: June 21-July 22

Symbol: Crab  

Element: Water

Colors: Silver, White, Cream

Personality: Intuitive, Emotional, Intelligent, Passionate

Keywords: Caring, Ambitious, Nourishing, Creative, Emotionally Intelligent, Resilient

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