Confessions Of A One Nightstand // CEO Edition

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This week's nightstand diaries comes from our CEO + Co-Founder, Chelsea. Read on to see how this beachy-blonde-boss-babe keeps her bedside space organized. // 

Growing up in Southern California (shoutout Whittier!) summer meant the 45 minute drive down Valley View to Huntington Beach, and a stop at the Rite Aid Thrifty's on the way home. Basically my left nightstand (the right one is totally different!) is my attempt to capture the light, color stay, and memories of those leaving room for whatever cup of tea I'm drinking and book I'm reading.


Capri Blue // White Volcano

Surf Shacks Book 

Shells from various beaches

A crystal from my co-founder Jenni

Clock + Lamp from Target

A jewelry tray from Grace

In case you or a friend are feeling inspired to give your (or your favorite fox's) nightstand a little love, here you are. 

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