Candles, The Gift that Keeps on Giving

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Reuse Old Candles // BOXFOX

If you aren’t new to BOXFOX, you know that candles are, like, our biggest gifting staple. We are all about curating gifts that will stand the test of time, and weave themselves into experiences for weeks, months, and years to come. So, naturally, candles fit the bill. 

That’s the thing with candles though – they burn so bright, and then they’re gone (pun definitely intended). The best day of owning a candle is the day you buy it (is there anything better than lighting a fresh new candle for the first time), and the worst day comes soon after, when you have to throw away your beautiful, $40 purchase, after it has burned its course. Luckily, we came up with an awesome and easy way to repurpose your candle, so you never have to part with that beautiful Voluspa tin – okay, maybe we didn’t invent it, we looked it up online while we were strapped for cash in college and needed a vase… but same difference.

Voluspa Vase // BOXFOX

Emptied out candle tins and jars make the perfect decoration and visible storage. With this simple trick, a candle can be repurposed as a vase, a holder for desk supplies, tea, Nespresso pods, or even hold your makeup brushes in the bathroom!!(exciting we know...but it actually is exciting for us when we don't have to spend an extra $20 buying a jar at target!) 

Repurpose Candle Jar // BOXFOX

H O W   I T ' S   D O N E

  1. Buy a candle and burn it until the wick will no longer light.
  2. When it’s burned as low as it will go, heat up water in a kettle until it reaches a boil.
  3. Pour the boiling water into the candle, and remove the wax once it softens and floats to the top. If the wax doesn’t release on its own, a soft push from a knife or fork should easily release it from the jar. You may have to repeat this step multiple times to remove all wax.
  4. Pull out the wick, again loosening with a fork or a knife if necessary.
  5. Run the tin or jar through the dishwasher to remove any junk that may have been left behind, and viola, you’ve got yourself a repurposed candle!

Repurposed Candle // BOXFOX

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