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Behind The Scenes // GRATITUDE

Posted by Sarah Trenton on

In our fast paced social and professional lives, we are constantly getting caught attempting to tackle an endless number of tasks—making it hard to genuinely reach out to old childhood friends or family members that live across the country. Foxes, get ready, because we have the answer for you! Our newly launched pre-curated mini boxes THANKS and MERCI are the perfect way to get all that you can out of sending a beautiful BoxFox, without totally breaking the bank. Expressing gratitude is one of the oldest ways to tell someone that you appreciate them, and with our new GRATITUDE mini line, making a small gesture of gratitude has never been so simple.

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THANKS // Our simplest and most effortless gesture of THANKS is now a mini! The best just got better. THANKS is a perfect way to truly say “thank you!” to anyone in your life, and that’s just the beginning of what makes it so great. Included is a beautiful petite Voluspa Gardenia Colonia candle, producing a triad of delicious hints—Gardenia Grandiflorum, Wild White Blooms, and Creamy Velvet. If the sweet aromatic notes weren’t already enough, the crisp flame irradiates the glass from within to set the mood—perfect for any setting, whether you’re alone or have company! When you’re done with the candle, you can even use the glass as a beautiful container for small candies or trinkets. Next, what’s better than a Rifle Paper Co. notebook? A Rifle Paper Co. pocket notebook! Rifle Paper Co. consistently designs the most elegant functional stationary, and this pocket notebook is no exception. The metallic gold foil stamped cover will leave you excited to start writing inside. This notebook is perfect for any Fox to carry in their bag for notes or ideas on the go. Finally, there are few things as satisfying as writing with a really good pen. That’s why we have placed two black Le Pen pens inside this mini box to use for your beautiful pocket notebook or any of your other pen-to-paper responsibilities.


MERCI // Want a fun, summer-filled, bubbly way to say “thank you”? The MERCI mini box is just that. Functionally curated in the same way as mini THANKS, mini MERCI has an energetic floral and periwinkle theme—perfect for sending a dose of liveliness to your fun new coworker, bridesmaid, sister, or mom! The petite Voluspa Prosecco Rose coconut wax blend candle and candle tin is an aesthetically pleasing (and floral) element to this mini box, emitting fresh notes of Sparkling Pink Prosecco and Rose Petals. The tin, itself, models after a delicate 1920’s timeless design and is bursting with elegance. Once the candle burns out, you’ll probably want to keep the tin around to add a classy decorative touch to your coffee table, desk, or nightstand. The fun and floral Rifle Paper Co. pocket notebook with its beautiful accents is perfect for jotting, sketching, or writing on the go—made even more perfect with two periwinkle Le Pen pens to match its cover.

GRAZIE: The chambray thank you gift of your wildest dreams.


DANKE: Black, white, and "thank you" gone neutral.


Foxes, enjoy our new GRATITUDE minis, and as always, stay tuned for more minis to be launched soon!



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