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At 9 am, we are halfway through the Grease soundtrack, completing corporate proposals, and setting our to-do lists for the rest of the day. By lunch, we are 10 nespresso pods deep (collectively), have fulfilled all of our morning box orders and Grace is on her way to Chipotle, with a list of our orders. The rest of the day flies by. It is crunch time and the office is nonstop as we finish all of our tasks for the day, run all of our last minute errands, and check in with our interns.

As a company focused on building relationships, we strive to bring that same sentiment into our office on a daily basis. We have friends who have horror stories about working in the corporate world, in environments that were competitive, cut-throat, and honestly...pretty depressing. When we founded BOXFOX, we wanted to make sure that we were never burnt out doing what we loved because of the grueling monotony of the daily grind. (I guess we are being a little dramatic... *cue hairflip*) We strongly believe that a positive, fun, lighthearted work environment where we can enjoy ourselves while we work our a***s off is a crucial part of our success. We know when to crack down and we know when to blast Miley Cyrus and usually, we are doing both.

      behind the scenes at BOXFOX At the BOXFOX Office

To encourage a playful yet productive environment in our office, we make taking time for a little fun a priority. Whether it’s jumping in on a product photoshoot and making it our own (hey...we needed a new profile picture) or bringing in giant sprinkle cookies from Becker’s Bakery, we try to do a little something special in the office to break up the day-to-day. When time allows, we will step out of the office for a little. We will take a quick hour to venture out and enjoy lunch together, meet up in the morning at our local coffee shop for iced Chai’s and a little extra time to wake up, or hit happy hour for an after-work-margarita.

We find that when we are not feeling overly-stressed and are in a good mood, we approach our work with the same attitude. We become more productive, making our little breaks well worth it. We are a competitive company who gets sh** done, (and don't you forget it) but we also know how to have fun with it.

BOXFOX headquarters // a day in the life

Behind the Scenes at BOXFOX HQ

Headquarters at BOXFOX

Working at BOXFOX

In the Office // BOXFOX

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