5 Reasons To Start Your Own Company In Your 20s

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When we started BOXFOX, we had, without a doubt, no prior experience running a business (in fact, we were still relatively fresh out of College). We did, however, have the drive, ambition, and most importantly, an idea that we knew from the start was unparalleled. We knew that with this idea, we could take the three of our talents, expertise, and prior experience, and channel them into a very successful business.

We were young, unapologetic, and completely fearless, so we went for it, and we encourage you to do the same! If you have an idea that you think will change the way an industry is already functioning, something that has never been done before, or somewhere in between, it’s time to take control of your dreams and make them a reality. 

We’re giving you 5 quick reasons why we believe you should start your own company in your 20s, so read along! //       

  • Be Your Own Boss //

Nothing beats having the freedom to make your own decisions when it comes to your role in the workplace. No more unsolicited advice on how to your job, and while it might take a lot more time for you to understand how to navigate this role, it’s always going to be completely rewarding because it truly is what you make of it.

  • Education is Key //

So you’re in your 20s and chances are, you don’t have a master’s in business. Lucky for you, you don’t necessarily need one in this day and age. As long as you’re continuing to educate yourself through books, podcasts, interviews, or just plain and simple google, there’s no reason for you to not have all of the tools and resources you need to run your business. In this process, you’ll probably realize that you’ve learned more than you ever thought was possible.

  • Handling Rejection //

If you don’t try, you’ll never succeed, however many times we try, and get rejected many times before we actually succeed. Starting a company when you’re young and in your 20s is the perfect time, because when we’re younger, we’re more OK and open to the idea of rejection. We see it as more of an ‘ok, that failed, but it’s fine, I’ll just try again.’ As we get older, the idea of rejection becomes a lot scarier because we have more to take on, especially financially when we start to think of raising a family, etc. 

  • Time is Everything //

The best part about starting a business in your 20s is the fact that you have time. You have time to fail, time to be creative, start over fresh, pick yourself back up after your rejection, and just in general, less responsibility. Most of us in our 20s aren’t worried about landing our dream job right off the bat. We’re out of college, and odds are, all of your friends are just as lost as you, which is why it’s the perfect time for you to challenge yourself with something new!

  • Experience the World //

At BOXFOX, we encourage our employees to travel. We believe getting to see new places, and experiencing new cultures is essential to the way we both grow and learn. When it comes to having your own business, while it’s technically always open, you still have the flexibility to take your work/responsibilities on the road with you, wherever that may be. When you’re at a traditional workplace, getting your PTO isn’t as easy, so it’s important to take advantage while you can!

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