Welcome Guests with Wifi Password

Posted by Chelsea Moore on


We recently saw a pin of a welcome note for a house guest that included the host’s wifi network and password. The note was perfectly poised on a tray next to a spare phone charger. 

Two words immediately came to mind: PURE. GENIUS.  

Whether or not your wifi password is tricky to relay, this simple gesture is beyond thoughtful. 

Don’t get us wrong, we’re all about some good-old-fashioned unplugged time. But the reason this concept is so brilliant is that it bridges traditional hospitality with today’s technology. How many times have you forgotten your charger? We know we have—and that’s exactly why we’re so in love with this! 

To put our own spin on the idea, we used a table place card to subtly share our wifi password and username. In this case, we also greeted our wary traveler with a Formulary55 foot soak and Voluspa candle—just to create a relaxing and inviting energy. 


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