Valentine's Day Gifts from BOXFOX

Posted by Chelsea Moore on

Ahh Valentine's Day—filled with flowers, sweets, romance, and gestures of love. Sometimes, maybe too often, it can also be full of stress. 

How could it not be with so much pressure riding on one day? 

Worrying about sending flowers, worrying about not receiving flowers, and then there’s reservations and unexpected traffic. It can all get very he loves me, he loves me not, especially when there’s wine involved. 

This Valentine's Day, let us help take some of the pressure off. As we like to say, you shop, we ship—whether directly to you or for you. And with our signature handwritten note from Cornelia Paper Co, your gift will be both pretty and personal. 

Moms to daughters, dads to daughters, guys to girlfriends, girls to best friends, send love their way with BOXFOX. Trust us, they'll love you for it! 


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