The BOXFOX Gifting Guide

Posted by Chelsea Moore on

November & early December are such a mad dash to cover all the gifting bases that it’s sometimes easy to forget how fun and thoughtful gifting can really be. Never fear! We’ve put together our 3 rules for gifting well this holiday season to keep your efforts organized and on point.

  1. The Handwritten Note: Whether it’s long & loving or short & sweet, this small gesture will make all the difference, turning that standalone (but beautiful!) candle into a gift all the more meaningful.
  2. Give Purposefully: Never give just anything for the sake of giving. Take the second to think about what people want but don’t often buy for themselves, or even a more beautiful take on something they’ll always need. Some quick thoughts that come to mind? Well-designed stationary, great candles or that perfect all-occasion mug for both hanging out or hustling.
  3. Presentation: Nothing represents the time and care put into a gift quite like its presentation. There’s no reason to spend too much time or money either. Get creative! From berries and pinecones, to ornaments or a hand made tag, it’ll be so beautiful that when you see your gift among the rest, you’ll be saying, “Yeah, I wrapped that.”

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