Our 10 Minute Jump Rope Workout

Posted by Chelsea Moore on


Sometimes you just want to get up and moveto remember what it feels like to dive after a ball or somersault like a little kid. We think the Everlast jumprope in our MOVE box is the perfect touch to inspire that kind of youthful movement. And while it may be fun to hop around for a minute or two, let us tell you, it gets real painful, real quickin a good way! 

Whether you want to add the cardio to your workout routine or you’ve got a few minutes to to spare, try our 10 minute jumprope workout. 

If you haven’t picked up a rope since the 4th grade, remember to swing with your wrists not your arms, keep your shoulders back, and jump low. 

REGULAR JUMP: 60 regular hops, you know the drill. 

SINGLE LEG JUMP: 30 hops on your left leg, 30 hops on your right. 

SLALOM: 60 jumps side to side, like the skiing movement.  

RUN IN PLACE: 60 seconds, if it seems too easy just pick up the pace. 

JUMPING JACKS: jump out and bring feet back in like you would for a jumping jack x 60. 



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