Build the Perfect Night In

Posted by Chelsea Moore on

We often plan our perfect night out, but why not switch it up and focus on the perfect night in? Some of us are soothed by personal productivity, others, by Mindy Project marathons. Whatever floats your bubble bath, we’ve put together some of our favorite nights in and what you need to make them happen.

Indulgent Comfort: No pants, no problem. Call it a guilty pleasure, or call it raw cookie dough – sometimes you need a night that starts in the bath and ends on the couch in your comfiest (ugliest) sweats.  

Must have: Herbivore Botanicals Bath Salts 

Mind, Body, Spirit: Get centered or die trying. Whether it’s a life checklist, youtube yoga or some good old fashion meditation, coming to mental peace is a great goal for a night in.  

Must have: Jane EYES TEA tea bags

Escape: Reality TV & trashy magazines, sometimes they just make us feel better.  However, we’re all overachievers here, so why not take it up a notch, brew some tea and take your favorite book for a spin.  

Must have: Your favorite classic novel 


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